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SUP Tour Amalfi Coast – Cetara to Erchie

This is the second time I’ve done a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) tour with this company and it is one of my favorites.  The water has been very calm both times and the views are amazing.  They launch from Hotel Cetus (parking is at the hotel) near Cetara and have 2 options to go towards the beach in Vietri or to go around the cape past Erchie.  Both directions take 2 hours are amazingly awesome.  The trip to and from Vietri is a bit easier as you’re more protected and the water is generally calmer.  In the afternoons, the wind picks up near Cetara.  Morning tours are best.  The guides carry insurance, follow along in a boat and take pictures.  The company provides the SUP boards, paddles, life jackets and safety leashes.  Great experience.  I’ve been talking to them about rates, so if you’d like to book, mention me (Julie) when you email or call Giusy for better rates or contact me and I’ll help you schedule a tour.  They do provide a guide that can give instructions.  Amazing and a MUST DO!  Minimum 2 people, maximum 5 people.  Rates vary from €45-55 per person, depending on number in group. Continue reading SUP Tour Amalfi Coast – Cetara to Erchie

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Tour Cetara to Vietri

One of the most easily accessed parts of the Amalfi Coast lies on the southern side of the coastline.  The Amalfi Coast spans from Sorrento on the north to Vietri on the south.  Just 5 minutes from Vietri, you can find the small fishing town of Cetara.  With a beautiful coastline, it’s an ideal place to go SUP (Stand Up Paddle). Continue reading SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Tour Cetara to Vietri