Kayak the island of Procida and experience beautiful views from the sea with ASD Kayak

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Procida, it’s sunny coast line, fishing villages, vibrant colors, volcanic history and welcoming people.  Best seen by sea, kayak is the way to go!  ASD Kayak in Procida offers various tours, depending on your skill level and how much time on you want to spend on the water.  It’s a view of Procida that can’t be missed.  I was with an adventurous group of friends and we took the 4 hour full island tour, but there were also much easier tours available that I could have taken even with my kids.  The guides are wonderful and make the trip fun.  This is a must-see for my local friends!

Here are some photos of our recent excursion.  Contact ASK Kayak now to book your trip!

Why take a tour with guides vs. just renting a kayak from the local lido?  Aside from the local history and knowledge provided, it’s much safer to do an open-water kayak with guides that have knowledge of the seas and can communicate with the marina and boats.  Sea conditions can change quickly, for an open-water kayak I highly recommend taking a guided tour.  The guides at ASD Kayak are very personable and great and make the trip enjoyable.

How to get to Procida and the meeting point: We took the ferry from Pozzuoli to Procida and then back in the afternoon.  Cost per adult was 7-8 euro each way depending on the ferry company.  We took the 9:00am Caremar over and the 15:05 Gestur ferry back. For a full list of ferry times, check here. From the port in Procida, it’s a 10 minute adventurous taxi ride to the other side of the island to the meeting point at Marina di Chiaiolella.  We had 7 adults in one taxi and the cost was 15 euro one-way for all of us.

For descriptions on each of the tours offered, visit their website at www.procidainkayak.it or just send email to ASD Kayak and see what tours they have scheduled soon and join a group.  They are very responsive and helpful if you have questions. Pricing varies between 30-40 euro per person and includes a snack and drink.  ASD Kayak provides the equipment (kayak, paddle, life jacket and skirt) and also includes annual insurance coverage in their Association.



WEBSITE:  http://www.procidainkayak.it/

Email: procidainkayak@gmail.com

Facebook: ASD Kayak Procida

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