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Boat Tour from Naples to Capri

Ever have one of those days that seem too good to be true?  Chartering our private boat and driver from Naples to circle Capri was exactly just that.  Beautiful and amazing views, crystal blue waters, relaxing and fun!  Seeing the amazing cliffs, grottos, and coastline from the water was simply breathtaking.

Or boat tour left early from Torre Del Greco and we spent an entire day on the Coast of Capri.  

Prices depend on size of boat and season.  If you are lucky like us, you might find a Groupon and get a steal. I found that contacting them via FB messenger got the quickest response.

FB: CharterJamm
800 203477

Sail from Procida to Capri, then kayak Capri and it’s famous Faraglioni

From the island of Procida, spend a glorious day upon a sail boat stacked with kayaks and head to Capri.  Launching kayaks along the amazing waters of Capri, explore caves, amazing Capri coast and the famous Faraglioni di Capri from the water in kayak.  After working up an appetite, eat the most amazing homemade italian food on board and cruise back to Procida.  If you are lucky like us, you may have dolphins decide to surf in your boat wake on the way back.  Continue reading Sail from Procida to Capri, then kayak Capri and it’s famous Faraglioni

Boat Tour – Praiano to Capri

If you have all day to spare, head to Praiano and take the Capri boat tour.  Capri is beautiful by land, but in boat you can see all the small inlets and natural caves.  You’ll go along the coastline of Positano, natural reserve of Punta Campanella and the islands of Li Galli, famous for being the home of the Sirens of Ulysses.  At the Faraglioni rocks, you will have a chance to swim in the amazingly blue waters of Capri and see the Green and White caves.   Continue reading Boat Tour – Praiano to Capri