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Sunset Kayak in Procida

Enjoy breathtaking sunsets while kayaking the Procida coast, taking a break only to be served Bellinis and fruit as the sunsets over the Mediterranean. This 2 hour tour is one not to be missed. The guides at ASD Kayak in Procida have become my extended family and continue to amaze me with marvelous excursions.  Cost is €20/person and they provide all the equipment and refreshments.  Only additional cost is that you must book a place to stay that night on the island as all ferry /Traghetti and water taxi service ends at sunset.  Amazing!

ASD Kayak Procida

web: www.procidainkayak.it

FB: ASD Kayak Procida

Email: procidainkayak@gmail.com

Canyoning and Ziplining in the Matese National Forest through the Gole di Caccaviola, Cusano Mutri

A quick drive from Naples, just north of Benevento, is the Matese National Forest.  With clean mountain air, stunning views, deep gorges, tall mountains and beautfiul valleys, it’s a place worth discovering.  Matese Escursioni offers various outdoor guided activities in the Matese National Forest, including horse back riding, biking, hiking, canyoning, parco avventura (kids rope courses) to name a few.   We chose canyoning, suited up with our kids and headed to the top of the gorge “Gole di Caccaviola, Cusano Mutri”.   Continue reading Canyoning and Ziplining in the Matese National Forest through the Gole di Caccaviola, Cusano Mutri

SUP Paddleboard from Miseno to Baia Castle

We took our SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) out to my favorite local place to get in a paddleboard this morning.  We arrived early around 7:45am to beat beach traffic, but found out the local parking lots don’t open until 8:30am.  In July and August, 8:30am is too late to get on the water as the boat traffic starts getting heavy.  So we found street parking. Remember to pay for street parking by buying a parking biglietto at the local bar/cafe. It cost 2 euro/hour this morning. Continue reading SUP Paddleboard from Miseno to Baia Castle

Vino e Vespa Tour Napoli – Posillipo or Vomero

As part of the Wine & The City event in Napoli during the month of May, wine tasting tours are offered via Vespa (with an italian driver).  This only occurs in May each year and is only 6 days, mainly on weekends.  I have to say it was one of the best tours I’ve done in Naples.  If you have to choose, the Posillipo tour is spent more on the Vespa.  The Vomero tour is less time on the Vespa, more time walking.  In fact, people joined our tour as a walking tour.  If I had the choice, I would pick the Posillipo option again. Continue reading Vino e Vespa Tour Napoli – Posillipo or Vomero

Where to buy a SUP nearby?

Looking to buy a new SUP?  I’ve compiled a list of stores below I’ve found online that advertise selling SUPs.  However, I haven’t visited them yet.  If you want NEW, I’d call first and see what they have in stock before making the drive.  If you are looking for USED, keep an eye out on subito.it.  It’s like craigslist for Italy and as I write this post, there are 4-5 boards for sale in the 400-500 euro range near Rome.  I watched for a few months and found a great used board for 400 euro.    Before this, I ordered an inflatable off of Amazon and after trying it out a few times, I returned it.  It just wasn’t the same to me.  If you find a store that you recommend, let me know and I’ll add it to the list below.
Continue reading Where to buy a SUP nearby?

Snorkeling Routes in Gaiola Underwater Park – Naples, Italy

Looking for snorkeling nearby Naples, Italy?  Here is a few tours offered off the coast of Posillipo.  Explore a route of the Peschiere Pollio in the seas surrounding the islets of Gaiola or travel through the channel of Gaiola and visit the coastal caves that open in the east of Trentaremi. Continue reading Snorkeling Routes in Gaiola Underwater Park – Naples, Italy

SUP – Arco Felice to Baia and Miseno

Within minutes of my house is the wonderful Gulf of Pozzuoli, which provides calm waters great for SUP.  It’s not always the cleanest of waters, but it is protected from big surf and swells.  It also provides for wonderful scenery.  I’ve launched my SUP in the Port of Miseno, Port of Baia and in Arco Felice.  Easy access at the lidos is convenient and you may even see another person on SUP on occasion.  This photo was taken at 8:30 in the morning near the Underwater Archealogical Park of Baia with Baia Castle and Capo Miseno in the background.