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Sunset Kayak in Procida

Enjoy breathtaking sunsets while kayaking the Procida coast, taking a break only to be served Bellinis and fruit as the sunsets over the Mediterranean. This 2 hour tour is one not to be missed. The guides at ASD Kayak in Procida have become my extended family and continue to amaze me with marvelous excursions.  Cost is €20/person and they provide all the equipment and refreshments.  Only additional cost is that you must book a place to stay that night on the island as all ferry /Traghetti and water taxi service ends at sunset.  Amazing!

ASD Kayak Procida

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How do I get to Procida and Ischia?

Many of our kayaking, boating and SUP (Stand Up Paddling) adventures take place on the islands of Procida and Ischia.  So how do you get there?  It depends on where you are coming from, if you have a car and how flexible your schedule is.  Below are your options.

FERRY: To arrive at Procida or Ischia, you can depart by ferry (‘traghetto’ in Italian) from either the port of Naples or the port in Pozzuoli.  (If you are coming from the Amalfi Coast, there are ferries to Naples from Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. There is also train service from Sorrento and Salerno) Both the port of Pozzuoli and the port of Naples have train service to/from the port and paid overnight parking available.  Parking is always more difficult in prime summer months, but generally available.  Ferries also allow you to pay and take your vehicle to the islands in off season only.  In prime season, only vehicles from those who live on the islands are allowed. (Note: the streets are narrow, one way and steep and a bit crazy IMHO on the islands and I would not take my own car.) Traghetti to Procida only go to the main port and Traghetti to Ischia  either go to Ischia Porto or Casamicciola Terme.  Traghetti differ in price based on their speed. Note travel times and destinations when you buy.  Also note that the different traghetti (Caremar and Gestur) have different locations at the port in Pozzuoli for buying tickets.

Ferry Hours:  Traghetti – Procida,  Traghetti – Ischia

WATER TAXI: You can take a water taxi from Monte Di Procida, but need a car to get to the marina at Aquamorta.  Parking is easy. This is my preference because you can schedule a water taxi anytime (daylight hours) you want and they will drop you off at various places on the island. Parking is less expensive at Acquamorta and the water taxi is a few € per person cheaper as well.  Mediterraneo has a small building at the port Aquamorta and will provide round trip service to/from the islands. For scheduling water taxi, here is contact information:

Mediterraneo Service Boats



FB: Mediterraneo Noleggio

Nunzia +39 339 8410723

Once you arrive on the islands, you have a choice of bus service or taxis. Buses can be very crowded in summer months and do not have air conditioning. Depending on if you are traveling on a budget or can afford a €15 taxi fare, your options provide different levels of comfort.  That said, taking an ape taxi (3 wheeled tiny truck) can be quite the experience.  If you opt for the water taxi, you may not need land transportation at all as they will drop you off at your destination.

Sail from Procida to Capri, then kayak Capri and it’s famous Faraglioni

From the island of Procida, spend a glorious day upon a sail boat stacked with kayaks and head to Capri.  Launching kayaks along the amazing waters of Capri, explore caves, amazing Capri coast and the famous Faraglioni di Capri from the water in kayak.  After working up an appetite, eat the most amazing homemade italian food on board and cruise back to Procida.  If you are lucky like us, you may have dolphins decide to surf in your boat wake on the way back.  Continue reading Sail from Procida to Capri, then kayak Capri and it’s famous Faraglioni

Kayak the island of Procida and experience beautiful views from the sea with ASD Kayak

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Procida, it’s sunny coast line, fishing villages, vibrant colors, volcanic history and welcoming people.  Best seen by sea, kayak is the way to go!  ASD Kayak in Procida offers various tours, depending on your skill level and how much time on you want to spend on the water.  It’s a view of Procida that can’t be missed.  I was with an adventurous group of friends and we took the 4 hour full island tour, but there were also much easier tours available that I could have taken even with my kids.  The guides are wonderful and make the trip fun.  This is a must-see for my local friends! Continue reading Kayak the island of Procida and experience beautiful views from the sea with ASD Kayak